What is Google question hub

What is Google question hub it is the best platform which basically relate this a while long ago but it’s got no such to let us know so as google basically says google question hub is a tool which enable creator to create much more richer content by leveling up the unanswered question so question collect these unanswered question from the user and surfaces them to bloggers writers and content creators like you guy’s so basically it just ask a whole of a questions and then you got the opportunity via your linked up search console to select that question and answer it and submit the URL to google . 

How to find question?

To find these unanswered question what you have to do is to scroll down to the bottom there you’ll se the right questions you can go in and then you can see the topic’s they have then you use these question to be inspired to write content and those question’s can then be picked up so if somebody writes a question into the search engines and the needs an answer your question and answer could be the one that gets picked so it’s giving you a whole new ability to get your business your brand your product your service into those rich search results and when you get to this page it is available to sign up . 

What is google question hub

How Google question hub works ?

So, when you sign in to what is google question you can now see the huge amount of topics and that will be covered and some of them gonna be like if i go to good health just to give you an idea of what is google question hub so when you’ll be deep dive a bit into that topic of health and as you can say there is a lot of question in here to pick from just like corona virus consent cure and there are many more topics regarding business industrial and many more .

what is google question hub

how Google will promote your website with google question hub?

As we all know that what is google question hub but do you know how you can bring a lot of organic traffic from google for absolutely free with google question hub yes you heard me right SEO traffic for absolutely free so what google says is to create a richer content for the unanswered question first of all you must have a google search console and your website should be sign up in google search console then you must allow then you have to select the verified question .

The benefit of using what is google question hub is that google have some question which users ask but even google doesn’t know the answer so google ask you to write the article for that unanswered question so once you select the website you have let us know if you have a shopping website and you select the spark product and you select the spark question once you answer the given question you copy the URL. 

 After that paste the URL link then the google will let you know how many people have gone through your article who have clicked on the link and how many people have visited your website this is the the organic way to bring traffic to your website by answering the question for google.


 This time, we don’t notify the user who submitted the original question when a new piece of content is available that may answer their question. However, once you publish your content, it can be discovered by Google Search, like other content published on the web . Thus what is google question hub, if the user who submitted the original question searches for the same or a similar what is google question hub in the future, your content is eligible to appear on Google Search for their query. This is how google hub works.

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