Role of Communication In Sales & negotiation skill.

One unwritten rule in sales negotiation, in fact, a rule of the thumb, is ‘Communication.’
The sales negotiations phase often has many a slip between the cup and the lip. Effective
communication, or lack thereof, can make or break negotiations and mar the whole deal.
Needless to say that a seemingly harmless error in communication can add to the overall
financial stress that a company may be facing. Apart from affecting its credibility, it can quickly turn assets into liabilities. Therefore, any communication between the entities should be timely, rapid, and precise.
One pivotal role in communication is played by documentation. Therefore, it is always a good practice to ensure that all forms of communication are documented and recorded. For example, if the communication is via a phone call, a phone call should be recorded. This practice comes in handy when clarifying any form of ambiguity or a volte-face by any entity that is part of the sales deal and negotiation. In addition, these documents of communication and even the recordings of calls are deemed as admissible and valid evidence in the Court of Law, where there may be the possibility of a protracted legal battle. Meticulously and systematically recorded communication is ideal to ensure the smooth completion of the deal after the sales negotiation. Role communication In sales & negotiation skill Is very important . infact it’s a main part of sales & negotiation skill.

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