digital marketer salary in india

Do You Know Digital Marketer Salary In India

Digital Marketing  is a highly paid job in India as well as whole world. Digital marketing jobs, now  Trending in India. So be ready to read Digital marketer salary in india.

 Digital Marketer Salary in India Depends on Following Factors :

• Practical exposure to individual
• Being innovative because of the profile in digital promoting want inventive input like updating social media posts, managing standing of social media profile, writing content in unique ways
• Stay updated with business       trends
• Understand moment promoting like massive brands do like Swiggy, Netflix

This is Entry level Job in Digital Marketing career. As a fresher, you will get 15–20k PM and If you are coming with good practical hand and practical exposure while working in your college days or doing some internship in digital marketing then you can expect 30–35 k as starting amount

Salary:- 15K to 35K


  • Develop and execute Guerilla marketing tactics.
  • Develop and execute Social media content.
  • Develop and execute SEM & SMM paid campaigns.
  • Guide local media tactics driving the Multibrands plan.
  • The primary goal is to help with local marketing by demonstrating effective product sampling techniques.
  • Assist with launching campaigns across multiple channels 

Digital Marketing Manager

This is highly paid job.This position requires a higher level of experience, with strong knowledge in digital marketing to appropriately mentor and manage people, and also to lead them well.

Salary:- 40K to 150K


  • Develop and implement strategies for new media and digital marketing teams.
  • Coordinate online marketing campaigns on all social and digital media platforms.
  • Build effective teams, manage multiple projects, and supervise collaboration between departments in order to drive positive business growth.
  • Lead website development and oversee all customer-facing digital communication channels.
  • Track growth and maintain analytics reports to provide up-to-date information to upper management.

Career Growth Path of Digital Marketer

digital marketer salary in india

You are reading about digital marketer salary in India.

SEO Specialist

 This position is also highly paid. Individually, salaries depend mostly on experience and knowledge. Search Engine Optimization Specialist have most importent role in Digital Marketing.You need experience with SEO tools like SEMrush, Google Analytics, Search Console, among others. It is one of the best roles to be specialized in. 

Salary:- 20K to 40K


  • Improving user experience and complying with Search Engine Guidelines.
  •  Identifying the most appropriate keywords for the business, and creating informational content around those keywords is a part of the job. 
  • Responsible for managing all SEO activities such as content strategy, link building and keyword strategy to increase rankings on all major search networks

Social Media Marketer

Nowadays social media is too much popular over digital marketing as well as users. For a social media fresher or less experience salary range between 15K to 25 K. But with experience more that 3 year salary range becomes 30K to 80K

Salary:- 15K to 80K


Social media specialists should have a solid understanding of how each social media channel works and how to optimize content so that it is engaging on those channels. You are responsible for joining relevant conversations on behalf of the brand and “soft selling” the product by providing support to
current and prospective customers.

Content writer

Content writer is fuel of whole Digital Marketing. This job is highly paid. For a social media fresher or less experience salary range between 20K to 30 K. But with experience more that 3 year salary range becomes 30K to 150K

Salary:- 20K to 150K


  • You should have a command over the English language and possess creative writing skills.
  • You should have a good logic and possess analytical skills.
  • Good knowledge in Web content writing.
  • Should have an effective writing style that is fresh, consistent and customer friendly as per the Target Audience.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.

Source of this information:-  Source of this information { Digital Marketer salary in India} is research on Google and reference of Glassdoor &  Payscale

Digital marketer salary in india

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